100 Words: For Azeroth!

Rahena For this occasion, nothing less than my snow white gryphon will suffice. As I prepare to land on the steps of Stormwind Keep, I try to assemble the words that I am going to say to the young king. But my mind is blank. I found the compass, off the shore of the Broken... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: The City by the Lake

The skies might be leaden today, but don't let the weather fool you, for the City by the Lake is impervious to it. Of course the monochrome dampens her beauty, but at the same time, it deepens it. You need to look a little closer now, come a little nearer; suddenly, you realise that this... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: I did, but I didn’t.

I did the thing. I wrote 100 words every day for a week. Yay me! I decided to publish them at the end of the week (Sunday) as a collection, because who has time to read stuff every day? And then I ended up not publishing. It was too personal. Now, people who know me... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: Sunday Night Panic

It's 20:00h, and I'm panicking. This happens every Sunday. I am panicking because I didn't get anything done this weekend. Oh, Saturday was productive, just not in the way it needed to be. And Sunday, today, I didn't do anything. Not anything, at all. No pants day. I need this time off, desperately. I need... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: Like Father, Like Daughter

He dotes on our daughter like a besotted puppy. We just came home from the hospital today. "I cannot wait for the moment she brings home her first boyfriend", my husband suddenly says. "I will tower over him and demand to know his intentions." I chuckle. He will tower, at 197cm. "If she is anything... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: The Duel

Teru soars in crystal-clear tones, belying his love for rougher edges and darkness. His melodies weave furious sunlight into the deep blue sky before blending into Hizaki's more languishing, distorted tones. Hizaki creates his own dichotomy between his harsh reverberation and the soft ruffles and lace of his swirling dress. So dark; so sweet. Separate at first,... Weiterlesen →

100 Words: Spring

It's been seven weeks, and I'm still flush with the rosy energy of my new love. What a curious thing! So outside of myself, so far removed, yet suddenly, so intrinsically and irrevocably woven into the very fabric of my being. Such a clear line between before and after! I can never unsee, unhear, unknow; nothing... Weiterlesen →

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