Das mit dem Small Talk

Ich finde sie immer wieder in den Social Media, diese Memes zu Small Talk, die in etwa so funktionieren:

Ich hasse Small Talk! Ich will über das Leben reden und den Tod! Über Wissenschaft, Politik und Religion! Über Musik und die Dinge, die uns tief berühren und bewegen! Ich will kein oberflächliches „wie geht’s?“, ich will wissen, was der Sinn des Lebens ist und was dich nachts wach hält.

Dann gehen Leute, die sowas posten, oft dazu über, sich selbst als introvertiert zu bezeichnen. Sie sind interessiert an „tiefgründigen“ Leuten und Gesprächen. Natürlich verabscheuen sie Oberflächlichkeit. Natürlich. Leider haben sie dabei vollkommen verpasst, worum es bei Small Talk geht. Dieser ist nämlich nicht weniger als ein Indikator dafür, wie gesellschaftsfähig eine Person ist. Davon, dass es dich nicht interessiert „wie’s mir geht“ wollen wir gar nicht erst anfangen.

small talk by xkcd
Diese Leute. Die hat man gerne an Parties. (c) XKCD

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100 Words: Like Father, Like Daughter

He dotes on our daughter like a besotted puppy. We just came home from the hospital today. „I cannot wait for the moment she brings home her first boyfriend“, my husband suddenly says. „I will tower over him and demand to know his intentions.“

I chuckle. He will tower, at 197cm. „If she is anything like you, and I’d wager she will turn out to be, then she will be way ahead of you. She will find the tallest, biggest basketball player, and she will present him to you as her guy, just to outfox you.“

More than anything, he looks proud at her future resourcefulness. „I guess she would.“

100 Words: The Duel

Teru and Hizaki 3Teru soars in crystal-clear tones, belying his love for rougher edges and darkness. His melodies weave furious sunlight into the deep blue sky before blending into Hizaki’s more languishing, distorted tones. Hizaki creates his own dichotomy between his harsh reverberation and the soft ruffles and lace of his swirling dress. So dark; so sweet. Separate at first, then as one, they spin their magic.

Their fingers fly over the strings with the speed of light, a mere blur. Their joy, their pride, burst forth in every note. They race and duel each other, their voices entwining, each trying to gain the upper hand, reaching into our minds in perfect harmony.

100 Words: Spring

1142It’s been seven weeks, and I’m still flush with the rosy energy of my new love. What a curious thing! So outside of myself, so far removed, yet suddenly, so intrinsically and irrevocably woven into the very fabric of my being. Such a clear line between before and after! I can never unsee, unhear, unknow; nothing will ever be the same.

I am again in love with music. Every step I take drums to a rhythm, following the winding path of each guitar solo. While my ears are full of my beloved’s melodies, my eyes see the reflections of their words in a thousand thousand scattered cherry blossoms.

It is a new age.

100 Words: Onwards Human! To Glory!

This little dog knows where he’s going. You can always tell who’s the boss. And it’s the little dogs, the small hunting breeds in particular, that like to walk their humans. This guy is no different: he knows he leads. He is alert, vigilant. He knows he is the superior animal, and with great power comes great responsibility. He takes his charge very seriously. One of those large, friendly, goofy dogs crosses his path and wants to make his acquaintance, but he has no time for frivolities. His is a life of duty. His human is wise to depend on him so.