On Catalonia

This is my third fucking draft regarding this topic, and I’m really, really done with this shit. It’s my third draft because, while I haven’t been looking, the Spanish government managed  – yet again – to go out of its way to do the most destructive thing it could possibly do under the circumstances. Because losing face would be so much more tragic than losing lives. Or something.

barcelona from above
Barcelona from above: Eixample Dret with Sagrada Familia.

I feel compelled to write after all, because I have a friend from Madrid who urges me to see the other side. Not just any friend, of course, but a dear friend. A friend I would not want to lose. A friend whose attitude towards this situation I fail to understand completely, because I know her to be a good person, and I cannot reconcile how somebody who is supposed to be a good person could stand on the other side of this issue. Because there is one universal truth that cannot be ignored, best expressed in a German saying:

Reisende soll man nicht aufhalten.

It roughly translates as „travellers should not be stopped“. It means that if someone is going to leave, you will not convince them otherwise, not matter how hard you try. The traveller can be detained and incarcerated, but as soon as you let your guard down, they will try to break free. If they really want to go, no one and nothing can prevent it. It can go smoothly, like in Czechoslovakia, or not so smoothly, like in Yugoslavia. It can be a sound decision, or the simple result of centuries of resentment. And even if it is the latter, it might seem unfortunate, but that is irrelevant. In the last 25 years, nine new countries have come into existence. Some peacefully, most not. Some with sound reasoning and the economic power to stand alone, and some really not.

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